Task Force Vermin was a unit in the Thaereian military that was created during the Clone Wars.


The task force was commanded by Colonel Rast'Tul and tasked with kidnapping children on Cularin. It had a variety of goals and older teenagers they kidnapped would be offered incentives to undertake training and be given equipment so that they could "raise hell" on Cularin. This was planned to show that the Office of Peace and Security could not control Cularin, the Thaereians would be able to expand their security there. If the captured children refused to take part, then they were sent to Thaere Privo and brainwashed to make them into sleeper agents for the military. Finally, the children of OPS personnel and politicians were kidnapped, to allow the military to blackmail them into being supportive of it.

The captured children were kept in a secure facility in Gadrin and on one occasion while Lieutenant Rakzen Krayle attempted to transport some of them to Thaere Privo, he was attacked by the Heroes of Cularin. They rescued the children and the Gadrin facility was shut down.