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A task force was a group of starships in the Republic Navy[1] and the Imperial Navy. In the Imperial Navy, they were known to be was smaller than an Imperial fleet, and were usually under the command of an admiral whose flagship was an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Examples of Imperial task forces included the 103rd Task Force of Admiral Durril, the 125th Task Force of Admiral Kinshara, and the task force of Admiral Gendling.[2]

Thrawn received command of the 96th Task Force shortly after his promotion to admiral, although he later gave up the position so he could command the Seventh Fleet after another promotion, this time to grand admiral. His ISD, the Chimaera, moved with Thrawn through his different positions. It became flagship of the 96th Task Force once Thrawn became commander of it, and left with the grand admiral to become the command ship of the Seventh Fleet.[2]


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