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Tasrah Boh was an archaeology professor at the Naboo Royal House of Learning.


Boh frequently studied the ruins surrounding Theed. During one such visit, he came across a group of smugglers working to capture the native veermok to sell offworld. The group destroyed his speeder and captured him to prevent him informing local authorities. He was rescued by Galak, Rann I-Kanu, Arani Korden, and Rorworr, who were investigating rumors of smuggler activity.

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Behind the scenesEdit

Printed text in The Predators repeatedly spells the character's name Tasrach Boh. However, a map included in The Predators spells the name Tasrah Boh. Smugglers of Naboo Fast-Play Game, a later reprinting of The Predators, corrects the text to Tasrah.


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