"TDC is not fast food, it's fresh food delivered fast!"
―Tasty Dried Critters slogan[src]

Tasty Dried Critters, or TDC, was a fast food franchise based in Mos Eisley, Tatooine and owned by Mon Calamari chef Byxle Pedette around the time of the Galactic Civil War.


Nogri Hessen: "Hey, I think something is still moving in there."
Spacer: "That's how you know it's fresh."
Nogri Hessen: "Real funny, pal."
Spacer: "You're serious, aren't you?"
Nogri Hessen: "Yes! Look at it. Wait a minute... It's eating the rest of my order!"
―Exchange during one of the deliveries[src]

Chewy chubas were a popular menu choice at TDC

Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, Mon Calamari chef Byxle Pedette was the owner of the only Tasty Dried Critters restaurant in Mos Eisley, a city[1] located on the Outer Rim[2] planet Tatooine. At the time, the restaurant served, among other things, dried gnort, chewy chuba (popular choices) and fungus dippers. Pedette also planned on serving squill meat.[1]

During this period of the Galactic Civil War, Pedette's Tasty Dried Critters was receiving so many orders that he had to ask a passing spacer to deliver three extra orders for a few credits as a freelance job. The spacer agreed and Pedette gave him the location of the deliveries and told him he could keep any tips he got and not to forget the company slogan, "TDC is not fast food, it's food delivered fast."[1]

When the spacer got to the first location, the house of female Human Drixa Dreul, Drixa found out that Pedette hadn't given the spacer fungus dippers she'd ordered. After the first delivery, Pedette called the spacer and told him Dreul hadn't paid for the fungus dippers or the spacers tip, but he said it wasn't his fault, Drixa always had something to complain about. The next delivery was at the Trandoshan Nogri Hessen's house. When the spacer arrived it turned out the stuffed chuba was still alive and eating the rest of the food. The Trandoshan didn't pay for the delivery, but Pedette called and said that Hessen told him about the food and believed him and said he'd still pay him for the delivery, and also told him to be careful about the next location, as the delivery was for the swoop gang leader Jano Bix.[1]

The spacer arrived for the delivery and was immediately surrounded by swoop riders. When the spacer got to Bix, everything was going well until the four chubas the spacer was supposed to deliver attacked Bix and the spacer. After killing the chubas, Bix threatened the spacer, but the individual tried to reason with him, saying that Pedette had just made a mistake. Bix let him go, and when the spacer returned to Pedette, he was paid and let go.[1]

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Tasty Dried Critters was first mentioned in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies, prior to the game's closure on December 15, 2011.


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