Tathin was a village that was located on the planet of Cularin.


Tathin was a trade village. It had a medical center and a cantina, that was operated by the Ithorian Belabeau Enan.


During the waning years of the Galactic Republic, the Ithorian Herdship Bazaar traveled to the Cularin system and the Bazaar Star Challenge, a pod race, was held around it. Following the race, a number of spectators traveled to Tathin, where the post-race award ceremony was held. Several booths were set up by some Cularin natives for the duration of the event, including ones ran by the Cularin Militia, the Jedi of the Almas Academy, Lony Hertz's Force Adept Club, Seelana's Droids and Nenmo's Curios. A group of mercenaries led by the Zabrak Dantin Vellos detonated a number of grenades in the village in an attempt to murder Osten Dal'Nay, the leader of the Cularin Militia. However, they only succeeded in destroying Tathin's medical center and an injured Dal'Nay fled into the jungle.