"And then we get drunk? Last cantina we were at, there was this little Twi'lek who I just know was hot for me... Only I was out of creds and she only drinks Tatooine Sunrises..."
Jariah Syn[src]

A Tatooine Sunburn, also known as a Tatooine Sunrise, was an intoxicating beverage consisting of two Starshine Surprises in the same glass.[1]

Tatooine Sunburn was served at the Bantha Traxx on the planet Lianna where it cost 7 credits per glass[4].

The Gusha's Luck cantina on Tatooine also sold Tatooine Sunburn for an increased price. Jariah Syn expressed disappointment when he learned a Twi'lek patron only drank that particular drink, as he was low on credits. However, he approached her anyway and the two had good time until the woman's furious husband chased Jariah away.



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