"Tatooine, the Bright Spot of the Universe!"
―Tatooine Visitors Bureau brochure[src]

The Tatooine Visitors Bureau was an organization dedicated to bringing increased travel to the desert world of Tatooine. Located in the capital city of Bestine, the Bureau would often distribute brochures to try and increase tourism, advertising such attractions as the Skywalker Tour, Beggar's Canyon, and the Museum of Tatooine. Other establishments advertised included the Mos Eisley Spaceport Hotel and Gep's Grill.

The bureau's address was Delivery Station 820, Receptacle B-92, Bestine, Tatooine, Quadrant 4517523. They could also be reached on HoloNet channel (742263) 85-8-33946.

The Tatooine Visitors Bureau supplied an image of a worrt to be used on the cover of a holo-brochure produced by the Tagge Holographic Museum of Chandrila.[1]


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