"Get a medpack for Biggs, Uncle Owen... an' have Aunt Beru call out the local militia fast!"
―Luke Skywalker[src]

A Tatooine militia scout

The Tatooine militia was a loosely organized volunteer organization of Tatooine colonists who patrolled the deserts in landspeeders and swoops watching out for Tusken Raider raids, which they would band together to fight off. At one time it had four full-time members, but by 0 ABY all full-time members were transferred to the Mos Eisley police. The militia could still call on up to fifty individuals at any given time to deal with emergencies.[1]

Weeks after the Battle of Yavin, a dozen militia confronted the Heroes of Yavin as they tried to escape Mos Eisley.[2]

Right after the Battle of Endor, the militia under the command of Predne Balu became engaged in the Battle of Mos Eisley.[3]


They wore tan and gray battle armor.



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