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Taunt was a female Lethan Twi'lek treasure hunter during the pan-galactic Cold War between the Galactic Republic and the reconstituted Sith Empire.[2] She was a known associate of the Twi'lek slave-turned-criminal Vette, Plasmajack, and Flash.[1]


Taunt, Vette, Plasmajack, and Flash formed together a gang, whose last major job together was a Cada Bliss, a rich Duros obsessed with Twi'lek culture. The gang stripped Bliss of almost everything valuable, but Bliss's revenge on the group was hard. Mercenaries were set on their tail and Vette was captured and sold into slavery. Taunt and the others tracked down Bliss in response to the setup, hoping for eventual payback. By the time Vette changed hands and ended up with the a Sith apprentice under the tutelage of Darth Baras, Bliss had acquired a Twi'lek artifact called the Star of Kala'unn. Driven by her desire to take the artifact back, Vette convinced the Sith Lord to confront Cada Bliss at Nar Shaddaa's Mezenti Spaceport, where she took the artifact from him. Vette later arranged a reunion with Taunt and the others at the spaceport. Not long afterwards, Vette handed the Star of Kala'unn over to them. Impressed with Vette's accomplishments for the Twi'leks, the gang asked her back, though Vette preferred to stay with her new Sith master.

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Taunt was first mentioned in the biography section of The Holonet, an online feature provided by the official website for the upcoming video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.



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