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"In this crazy galaxy, you have to do what's right."
―Taver Soren[src]

Taver Soren was just like many of the men recruited into the Galactic Empire.


When he received his acceptance into the Imperial Academy, it was as if his dreams had come true. He proved that he had a natural talent for tactics and ground assaults. After leaving the academy, he worked his way up through the ranks until he became a lieutenant in charge of an AT-AT. His missions generally involved taking care of large enemy assault vehicles. Whether they belonged to the Rebellion, or simply an unruly population, it was always these vehicles that he was ordered to take care of, never the population themselves, until the Battle of Endor.

When Taver and his walker crew were ordered to the forest moon of Endor, he assumed it was a mission much like any other. However, when his squad were ordered to fire on the helpless Ewoks, Taver was horrified by the carnage. He was caught between his loyalty and outrage at the Empire's gross conduct and so he withdrew his AT-AT from the fight. It was only after the Second Death Star was destroyed that the evil influence of the Emperor finally lifted and Taver rejoined the fight, but on the side of the Rebels. When the walkers crew finally emerged after the battle, the rebels were surprised to find an Imperial officer emerging rather than a group of rebels who they had assumed had captured the walker. It was then that Taver asked to join the Rebellion.

Though he was sure that he no longer wished to be a part of the evil Empire, he still struggled both against himself and certain factions of the newly formed New Republic. Not every member trusted a "reformed" Imperial officer, and he sometimes found his queries misdirected and his offers of help refused. He was also uncomfortable with the loose command style of the Republic, and was also uncertain about all the aliens in the hierarchy. While he was very determined to make penance for his actions with the Empire, he was not entirely certain the Republic was the place to do this.

Soon after the Battle of Endor, he set up shop on the Crystal Web Station and ran a starship bay called "We Fix Anything". Though he was not open about his connection with the Republic while he worked here, he would always try to help any members of the Republic if they needed it.