Tavin Notsil was a Human male native of Aldivy.

Tavin was the brother of Lara Notsil, and both were residents of New Oldtown. A generally unsavory individual, Tavin was supposed to be in the town jail when New Oldtown was destroyed by the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Implacable. He was presumed dead, but had actually managed to escape this fate, by making arrangements with the town constable to leave the city and take a naval job under an assumed name.

When Gara Petothel assumed Lara Notsil's identity for the purpose of returning to Zsinj's forces, General Melvar located Tavin and used him to make contact with Petothel. He awaited her in a prefabricated house erected on the ruins of New Oldtown, accompanied by Captain Todrin Rossik.

Petothel went to her rendezvous, but refused Rossik's offer. From a sniper position nearby, Myn Donos killed Tavin Notsil while Petothel blasted Rossik.

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