Taxation Without Federation was a propaganda poster composed by Ganamey Davloterra. The artwork was commissioned as a Core-edition insert in a weekend issue of HoloNet News, but unauthorized reproductions were also spread throughout the Mid Rim. The poster depicted an obese Neimoidian, bearing a striking similarity to Lok Durd, holding a Duros mask. In the foreground of the image was a pile of credit chips superimposed by the text "Taxation Without Federation" written in Aurebesh. In the background of the poster was the symbol of the Confederacy of Independent Systems patterned in a web. Taxation Without Federation was created as a response to the Trade Federation's continued taxation of trade routes. The poster was met with backlash from the Neimoidians, claiming it was a blatantly racist campaign and a play on the fat Neimoidian stereotype.[1]

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Taxation Without Federation was created by Joe Corroney as one of several propaganda posters in the Star Wars Propaganda: A History of Persuasive Art in the Galaxy.[1]


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