"He is dangerous...And absolutely insane."
―Boba Fett to Gilean[src]

Tayand was a male Sakiyan crimelord who operated from a base on the planet Cilare. Connor Freeman bet his inheritance in a game of Sabacc against him and won, but Tayand, unwilling to accept defeat, claimed Freeman cheated and sent his men after Freeman, who escaped, but without his Credits, which prompted Tayand to place a bounty on Freeman, who hurt his pride and was a threat to his reputation. One of the bounty hunters who took up the assignment was Boba Fett, but when he learned the truth, Fett turned in Freeman only to free him, shooting Tayand in the head due to a bounty placed on him by Freeman on the spot for three credits when he became uncooperative and refused Fett's offer to pay the money Freeman 'owed' Tayand in exchange for Freeman's freedom.

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