Tazzik was a male Rodian who served a member of the Red Fury Brotherhood, a band of pirates that operated during the last years of the Galactic Republic. Circa 21 BBY, Tazzik and a number of other Brotherhood members joined a Separatist-aligned cell on the planet Druckenwell, and they schemed to blow up a Republic Acclamator-class assault ship that was docked with the space station New Dawn in orbit of Druckenwell. Tazzik and fellow Rodian Denma acted as the functional leaders of the crew of pirates that were to carry out the attack, and they planned to fly to the space station aboard the stolen freighter First Light, then take control of the assault ship and record a holovid of the vessel's destruction, to broadcast to the rest of the galaxy. However, when Tazzik and the rest of the pirates took off from Druckenwell in the First Light to initiate their raid, a group of freelance agents from the Cularin system stowed away aboard the ship. The agents then attacked Tazzik and the rest of the crew, preventing them from destroying the Acclamator assault ship.