The Tchines, also known as the Seven Sisters, was a set of seven valuable statues.


The Tchines were a set of seven thirty-centimeter Humanoid statues that were sculpted from a unique type of tough gray stone, and all of the figurines were identical. They were considered highly desirable by collectors of rare artifacts and during the reign of the Galactic Empire, the statues had a market prices of about 40 or 50 million credits.


The Tchines were created by a skilled artisan, but their exact origins were unknown to the wider galaxy. They were discovered about three hundred years before the reign of the Galactic Civil War and were subsequently traded among the galactic elite, become considered rare and valuable items. By the time of the reign of the Galactic Empire, three Tchines were kept on Imperial Center, while one was located on the planet Rendili and another one was situated on Corellia. The remaining two were kept on the planet Danteel, where one was owned by the financier Veilred Jydor, while the other formed part of the collection of the Devaronian noble Lady Carisica Vanq. The gambler Nintellor owned a Tchine and once staked it along with half of his collection during a gambling tournament, although he was subsequently able to win the statue back.

During the Galactic Civil War, Veilred Jydor decided to offer his Tchine statue as the prize for a sabacc tournament that he was holding in the High Card Casino on the planet Danteel, and the chance of winning such a rare artifact generated a large amount of interest in the tournament.