"I'm so happy."
―Fwillsving merchant Kerlay Utanks[src]

Team Kubindi was a limmie team that played for the planet of Kubindi. In 22 BBY, during the Separatist Crisis, the planet of Fwillsving's team triumphed over the visiting Team Kubindi; the victory inspired a riot wherein four million joyous celebrants ransacked the city in which they played, Svitalos, by looting, vandalizing, and partying in the streets.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Team Kubindi was mentioned in an issue of the HoloNet News feed (2002), Volume 531, Issue 47, that was published in-universe on the fourteenth day of the third month in 22 BBY. The article that referenced the team, titled "Coruscant Eliminated in Galactic Cup Opening Round",[1] was written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens.[2]


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