Team Sebulba was the name of a Podracing team that was formed by the famed Dug pilot Sebulba during the year 22 BBY. Sebulba, a Podracer pilot himself, had since retired from the sport to lead the team. Aldar Beedo, a Glymphid pilot who had also served as Sebulba's bodyguard during the 24 BBY racing season, acted as the primary pilot for the team. During a race on the planet of Coruscant, Beedo destroyed the Podracer of Clegg Holdfast under orders from Sebulba. The attack was so intense that Holdfast was killed during the crash. Later during 22 BBY, Beedo was arrested by a mercenary during the Fire Mountain Rally race on the planet of Baroonda, costing the team it's primary pilot.