The Tear of the Elders was a stone of great symbolic importance to the Gungans of Naboo. An artifact imbued with the Force, the stone was the subject of legends involving the Elders, the mysterious former inhabitants of the planet.


Circa 3951 BBY, the Force-sensitive Gungan guardian of one of the many statues of the Elders that were strewn across the planet Naboo meditated at the sacred site. During his meditations, the guardian reached out with his senses to see events across the planet through the Force. During one such meditation, the Gungan sensed the arrival of the first human scouts and was overcome with a great, unaccountable grief. Looking to the great statue above him, the Gungan witnessed the impossible: a large tear forming in the eye of the stone face. Catching the tear, the Gungan returned the artifact to his fellows and it became a sign of the troubles that would face the entirety of Gungan society with the arrival of Humans.[1]


A fist-sized stone made of the same granitic rock used in the construction of the many Elders statues across Naboo, the Tear of the Elder was teardrop-shaped and bore no tool marks. The only depiction of a tear in all of the surviving Elder statuary, the stone was revered due to the legend surrounding it. While the legend had not been proven, Gungan scholars insisted that it was historical truth and that the Tear was in fact a divine artifact.[1]


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