Teck Randon was a member of the Thaereian military serving in the Cularin system. Discovering that Ginder the Bimm was trying to sell the head of L80-RC, a droid that probably had records from its former owner Riboga the Hutt, Randon tried to obtain it alongside subordinate soldiers Joq Landhauler and Kirla Shorg. Although they wore gray miner's jumpsuits instead of uniforms, they did not try to disguise their military bearing. When Ginder was meeting with a group of freelancers he had turned to for help, Randon approached and told them that Ginder had stolen property, trying to intimidate them into handing it over. A trio of local criminals also approached, claimed the droid head for Nirama, and a battle broke out between the three factions, with the head ending up in the possession of the freelancers.