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"I hope you'll be as careful with the shipment of Tedonian wine as Tohrm was."
―Ackmena, speaking in code to Blink[src]

Tedonian wine was a type of wine. In 44 ABY, the name "Tedonian wine" was used to cover the true subject of a conversation between the Bothan Blink and a Human female named Ackmena held in a cantina in the Tatooine city of Mos Eisley. Ackmena said that she hoped Blink would be cautious while delivering shipments of Tedonian wine, as their comrade Tohrm had been. Ackmena, Blink, and Tohrm were actually part of Freedom Flight, an organization helping to free slaves, and "Tedonian wine" was the code-name for the slaves.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Tedonian wine was mentioned in the novel Fate of the Jedi: Allies, which was written by Christie Golden and published on May 25, 2010. Although the Tedonia system was later added into Star Wars: The Essential Atlas Online Companion, it is not confirmed in Allies that Tedonian wine comes from there.


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