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"I am Tedryn-Sha, Palpatine's second in command! If you are wise you will surrender—"

Tedryn-Sha was a Dark Side Adept serving directly under Palpatine on Byss.


"You…Tedryn-Sha and Xecr Nist—! I have watched you…you have advanced in submission to my will! I will make you Dark Jedi…extensions of my own power! Kneel before me! […] Tedryn-Sha—you will be second in command."

Tedryn-Sha undergoes appointment to the Dark Side Elite alongside Xecr Nist.

The Human male Tedryn-Sha was a Dark Side Adept serving the Galactic Emperor Palpatine, who was reborn in a clone body[3] after being killed in 10 ABY by Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and his sister Leia Organa Solo.[4] After the Emperor's return, Tedryn-Sha, along with the fellow darksider Xecr Nist and Imperial engineer Umak Leth, accompanied him in a shuttle on an inspection tour of his newest superweapon, the Galaxy Gun, which was nearing completion in orbit of the Emperor's fortress world of Byss.[2]

During the inspection, Palpatine received word that Executor Sedriss and Vill Goir—the two members of a select cadre of Dark Jedi called the Dark Side Elitehad been killed by Skywalker on the planet Ossus. To replace them, Palpatine imbued Tedryn-Sha and Xecr Nist with dark side powers and named Nist the new Executor, while Tedryn-Sha became the Emperor's second in command.[2]

During the Imperial assault on New Alderaan, he killed the Jedi Jem Ysanna with a blaster after Jem had killed Tedryn's partner Krdys Mordi, but was immediately sliced in half by Leia Organa Solo.

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