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TeeKay-421 vzw is the name of the Belgian Star Wars fanclub. It was founded in 1997 by Christiaan Vertez, Laurent Bettens and Tim Veekhoven.

TeeKay publishes four magazines a year (articles, interviews, reviews), organizes club meetings & contests, runs a website with message board & has held several charity actions. The magazine and website are in Dutch.

The website of TeeKay won the award of best non-professional website in Belgium in 1999. In 1999 TeeKay also became a vzw, which means a non-profit organization.

TeeKay-421vzw is an official friend of Wookieepedia.

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1997 - 2007: Some of TeeKay's highlightsEdit

  • Ten years of activity in Belgium
  • In 1999 TeeKay-421 became a non-profit organization (hence the vzw)
  • Our website has been online since 1998
  • In 1999 our website received the Award for best Belgian non-professional website
  • Publication of 39 Magazines with cover illustrations from an American artist
  • Multiple appearances throughout the years in Belgian media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines)
  • Mentioned and appeared on and in Bantha Tracks
  • Interviews with more than 50 actors, crewmen, authors and other famous Star Wars people.
  • Organized Charity events for Muco vzw, Make-A-Wish, Lucia vzw & Clini-Clowns.
  • Godfather of our fanclub is Jeremy Bulloch
  • Co-founder Tim Veekhoven is the author of three What's the Story entries (Swilla Corey, Tzizvvt & Wam Lufba) in the Databank on
  • Several crewmembers visited Star Wars sets in Tunesia & Italy.
  • TeeKay-421vzw works together with Rebel Legion Benelux and the 99th Garrison.
  • TeeKay-421vzw created and continues to expand the Dutch Star Wars Wikia: Yodapedia -

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