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"That's just Teedo—he wants you for parts. He's no respect for anyone"
―Rey after rescuing BB-8 from a Teedo[src]

Teedos were a sentient reptilian species native to the planet Jakku, in the Western Reaches. They were diminutive in height and had gray-green skin, most of which was covered in wrappings to protect them from the intense heat of their homeworld.

Teedos made no distinction between individuals, and so each member of the species was simply named Teedo. The species experienced an unknown form of telepathic connection between individuals, and Teedo were known to recall events that happened to other Teedo. They spoke a language called Teedospeak. They worshiped a goddess named R'iia, and believed the violent storms on Jakku were her breath, or X'us'R'iia.

Biology and AppearanceEdit

Teedo were a sentient reptilian species that had scaly gray-green skin,[3] averaged 28 kilograms in weight[2] and 1.24 meters in height.[1] Although much of their bodies was covered in wrappings and a mask, they had an exposed cranial dome and hands and feet with three digits.[6] Due to the limited water of their homeworld, Jakku, they had a system of filters and tubes which reclaimed most of their bodies' water for recycling.[3]

It appeared that they experienced an unknown form of telepathic communication between individuals, and Teedo could know things that were experienced with other Teedo.[3]


The origin of Teedos was unknown. Some scholars believed that the species evolved on Jakku, while others argued they migrated from another star system.[3]

Society and CultureEdit

Fiercely territorial, Teedos lived as scavengers,[3] and they prowled the wastes of Jakku.[1] They were secretive and suspicious of outsiders, often fighting with other scavengers over machinery that could be salvaged for sale. As scavengers, they were capable machanics and tinkerers, and were gifted in finding useful things in their homeworld. They were treated with respectful caution by the residents of Jakku, due to their unpredictable nature.[3]

Teedo Luggabeast

Teedos often rode Luggabeasts

Teedos wore protective wrappings that covered much of their bodies, in order to protect themselves against Jakku's heat. They made no distinction between individuals, and none had names, with each being known simply as Teedo. They often rode luggabeasts,[3] beasts of burden that were cybernetically enhanced to have greater endurance[6] and water recycling tanks so they could be better equipped for Jakku's harsh enviroment. They carried Ion spears which could stun or kill.[3] They lived in trapdoor tunnel systems.[7]

Their language was Teedospeak, and they worshiped a goddess named R'iia, believing the violent storms on Jakku were her breath, or X'us'R'iia.[8]

Teedo in the galaxyEdit

Shortly before the battle of Jakku, former Rebellion member Brentin Lore Wexley and former Grand Admiral Rae Sloane asked some Teedos if they knew anything regarding the mysterious head of the Shadow Council, Gallius Rax, who they were attempting to locate. They knew nothing of use.[7]

In the New Republic era, a Teedo operated near a Starship Graveyard, there in the wake of the battle of Jakku. In 34 ABY, he had captured the astromech droid BB-8, but it was rescued by fellow scavenger Rey. He wore a mask, and like many Teedo, he rode a luggabeast.[9]

Behind The ScenesEdit

Teedos were created with the Niima Outpost Teedo for the 2015 film Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens, but he was shown and named by Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive digital trading card. For The Force Awakens, Teedo was portrayed by Kiran Shah in a suit, and voiced by David Acord.[10]


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Notes and referencesEdit

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