Teeno was a male Human Sith Acolyte who attended the Sith Academy on Korriban during the Cold War.


Along with fellow acolyte Phyne, they held a hostility toward Vemrin who was very strong in the dark side. As the Sith Warrior was about to meet Darth Baras, Teeno, Phyne, and two other acolytes stood in stood in the antechamber to greet the acolyte. Knowing that Vemrin was going to have the new acolyte killed, they offered their assistance to eliminate Vemrin for the Sith warrior, so he/she would not receive punishment for disobeying the rules.

The Sith warrior would consider their help, hinting that he agreed with their proposal. They obviously failed, since Vemrin returned from his trials. He then gloated how he murdered all the acolytes sent after him. Later, the warrior was contacted by a surviving Phyne, telling him/her how Teeno had been instantly killed by Vemrin and she was left cripple for many months. She realized Teeno was weak, her survival making her stronger than him.

Behind the scenesEdit

If the Warrior wasn't interested and refused their help, Teeno and Phyne offered to prove their skills to him/her in a duel, showing they were more than qualified to defeat and eliminate Vemrin. When the Sith Warrior agreed, Teeno, Phyne and the acolytes engaged him/her in a duel, in which they all lost. After their defeat, they realized they couldn't defeat Vemrin since the Sith Warrior was much stronger. Later, Phyne would contact the warrior, after witnessing Vemrin defeating six other acolytes and feeding their corpses to a tuk'ata. She thanked him/her for their survival and showing them the limits of their strength.