"Don't let them grab hold of you, or you're done for."
―Teerik, on Mantellian Savrips[src]

Teerik was a male Rodian savrip hunter on Ord Mantell during the Galactic Civil War.

While hunting on Ord Mantell, Teerik (whose name means "Spiritual" in his native Rodese) assisted Rebel recruiter Renci Tosh in fighting a deadly Mantellian Savrip. He and Renci also ran afoul of Yarroq, a Trandoshan leader of a band of raiders who had made off with Renci's crash-landed Z-95 Headhunter in an attempt to sell it for scrap.


Mantellian Savrip G1

Teerik hunting a Mantellian Savrip.