"Cover ears! Big boom-boom coming!"

Tek was a Jawa with a taste for explosions. Stranded on Otunia and blamed for the death of a farmer, Tek was a wanted man with a bounty of twelve thousand credits on his head.



Tek goes to work

Tek joined forces with Grissom the Gamorrean and Lorn Kabul's daughter Arista, who were on the run from Lorn's evil brother, Seth Kabul, and his men. Feeling sympathy with Grissom and Arista, Tek helped them escape and also assisted them in sabotaging Seth's operation.

Tek agreed to be turned over to the authorities by Grissom, so Grissom and Arista would receive the bounty, only to be rescued again by Grissom later the same day. Twelve thousand credits and two friends richer, Tek finally made it off the planet.