"What happened to Telfrey was worst, though... The Telfreyans rebelled outright... they were a proud people... it will be many generations before the surface of Telfrey will again support life."
―Primor tells Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia Organa about the fate of the Telfreyans[src]

The Telfreyans were a sentient species native to Telfrey, a planet they shared with Humans. They were green-skinned humanoids with small patches of green hair at the top of their heads. Due to their proud nature they rebelled against the Galactic Empire when it became active in the Iskalon system where they lived. The Empire responded quickly to this unrest due to the actions of two Human Rebels from Telfrey, Yom Argo and Tay Vanis, who were spreading unrest throughout the system.[1] A Base Delta Zero[2] attack was used on Telfrey, which killed all life there and rendered it uninhabitable for many years.[1]

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Telfreyans first appeared in the Marvel comic Star Wars 74: The Iskalon Effect, published in 1983, in which they were shown in a flashback detailing the destruction of Telfrey.


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