The Telgorn Corporation shipyard was a space platform with two hangar bays that assembled starships such as Star Destroyers and Strike-class medium cruisers.


Shipyard 3 Views

Several views of the Telgorn Corporation Shipyard.

The shipyard was designed to be a flexible installation capable of assembling large starships of more than a kilometer in length. Itself nearly 1.6 kilometers long, such a shipyard required 3,650 crew, including 800 engineers and 2,200 mechanics.

As these stations had no offensive capabilities and relied for defense upon their strong hulls and robust shielding, it was not uncommon for them to be protected by a minefield, Gun Emplacements or even a small capital ship. Some starfighters might also be housed in the large hangars, however swift deployment of these might have been hampered by the flotillas of work craft constantly entering and leaving.

Six large modules, consisting of three on either side of the central construction berth, housed assembly lines, machine shops and crew quarters. The two modules directly above the hangar pods were slightly larger than the other four. While the facilities on board the station were capable of producing components, a constant stream of pre-manufactured parts was necessary for the station to operate at maximum efficiency. For that purpose, it was common to see a shipyard surrounded by cargo craft of all sizes attended by work crews in Utility Tugs or Heavy Lifters unloading Cargo Containers of equipment for use in the manufacture of starships.

The command center, which sat on the gantry that straddled the two larger modules, was equipped with a pair of powerful antennas used to broadcast the signals to coordinate the activities of all the craft around the shipyard, although the structures themselves were a hazard for inattentive pilots. The command center also sported a pair of small sensor globes that provided traffic data to the command crew.

Below the main drydock and construction deck was a single, vast solar panel array with more than a quarter of a square kilometer of solar cells on either side. This was able to supply a significant proportion of the station's energy requirements, thus much reducing its dependence on expensive and difficult to transport reactor fuels.

Calenz destroyed

Telgorn shipyard Calenz is destroyed.

After the Battle of Hoth the Alliance to Restore the Republic built a shipyard of this type, Calenz, in the Nocto system. It was destroyed at the Battle of Nocto by Imperial Task Force Vengeance.



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