Telik was a major of the Imperial Army following the death of Grand Admiral Thrawn.


Imperial Major Telik served as the commander of Colonel Broak Vessery's ground assault forces, during the time following the Battle of Bilbringi. After Ysanne Isard gained control of General Arnothian's TIE Defender facility and began planning the fall of Prince-Admiral Delak Krennel, Telik's forces were called upon to assist Rogue Squadron in the infiltration of the planet Ciutric IV.

Unknown to the New Republic, Telik was the agent on Commenor who provided Iella Wessiri with a holdout blaster, after she was captured by agents in the law offices of Wooter, Rimki, and Vass. Telik was impressed with Iella's ability to escape the situation claiming that, "Not but one out of a dozen people could have done what she did." The Rogues, in the guise of Antar Roat's experimental flight group, agreed to "defect" to join Krennel, while Telik's team worked on the ground to bring down Ciutric's defenses. Telik's team was also in charge of rescuing the prisoners who were held on the Lusankya.