A member of the Teloc Hunters.

The Teloc Hunters were a famous group from Teloc Ol-sen,[1] a planet in the Eclorar sector.[2] Historically, they rode the bergruutfas, grazing creatures over seven meters tall.[1]

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The Teloc Hunters were created by Bill Smith for the West End Games sourcebook Creatures of the Galaxy, published in 1994. Creatures of the Galaxy was unique in that the text was built around artists' creature designs, rather than the other way around as was typical.[3] The Teloc Hunters were created as part of the backstory of the bergruutfa, and consequently, were given little description. It is unclear whether the Teloc Hunters are a species—there is an unidentified alien riding a berguutfa—or an organization. Therefore, this article treats them as a generic organization.


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