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This article is about the Gray Squadron pilot. You may be looking for Telsij Cayr the Aggressor Wing pilot.
"There's…too many of them!!"
―Lieutenant Telsij[src]

Lieutenant Telsij was a Human male Y-wing pilot and a lieutenant who served in Gray Squadron during the Galactic Civil War. At the Battle of Endor, he flew as Gray Squadron 2 in a Y-Wing, acting as Colonel Horton Salm's wingman. He was one of only four pilots to survive an attack on the Imperial Academy of Carida. His gunner at Endor was Karie Neth. When TIE fighters began to attack the Rebel starfighters in space, Telsij cried out that they were being overwhelmed. Despite the overwhelming numbers of Imperial fighters, the Rebellion emerged victorious and both Telsij and Neth survived the battle.

Behind the scenesEdit

In 1999, his action figure was released by Kenner, and included in the "Rebel pilots cinema scene" and was mistakenly named Arvel Crynyd.

In 2000, his name Lieutenant Telsij first appeared, in a card game set released by Decipher.

The actor who portrayed him has been identified as Eiji Kusuhara, who also starred in Eyes Wide Shut and died in 2010.[1]




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