"Thus die all traitors."
Mirith Sinn[src]

Tem Merkon was an informer on Phaeda and a double agent for both the New Republic and local Imperial garrison.


Tem Merkon.

Old enough to have seen Jedi Knights, Merkon enjoyed laying low on Phaeda, using his curiosity and low status as the opportunity to become an informer. Caring only for himself and the large amount of money he had acquired, Merkon served both the Galactic Empire and New Republic.

Merkon witnessed the battle between Kir Kanos and several Imperials in a local cantina that brought the attention of Carnor Jax to Phaeda. Merkon entreated Kanos to come with him to a New Republic safehouse to avoid further Imperial entanglements. En route, Merkon remarked that the only combatants he had ever heard of with such skill were either Jedi or the Emperor's Royal Guards. Mirith Sinn and Sish Sadeet suspected a traitor among their ranks following Colonel Xexus Shev's attack on their hidden base that was thwarted by Kanos.

When word of the bounty on Kanos reached Merkon's ears, he eagerly went to Jax with information. Upon his return to the New Republic hideout, Sinn and Sadeet were waiting for him, his treachery all too apparent. When Merkon tried to escape, he was killed by Lieutenant Massimo, whom he had not noticed in the shadows. Soon after, Jax's stormtroopers went looking for Kanos and discovered Merkon's body wrapped in explosives, which detonated and killed many of them.

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He was voiced by Wayne A. Evenson in the audio drama version of Crimson Empire.



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