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Tembora Research Station

The layout of the Tembora Research Station.

The Tembora Research Station was located on the rogue planetoid Tembora. It was built by the Army Weapons Research Department of the Galactic Republic and was active during the Clone Wars when it designed the KLR series combat droid. The base had life support systems as well as artificial grav plating in the floor to compensate for Tembora's naturally low gravity and almost nonexistent atmosphere. The hangar was the main entrance to the base and was intended for starfighters and shuttles, but could also be used for light freighters. There were, however, two other entrances; the primary air lock which led to a ready room and, through that, to the garage, which could store up to six vehicles. The upper air lock was located 40 meters above the base, at the top of a cliff, and led to the common area which in turn led off to the galley, med suite, armory, and command center which contained the station's security station. Other rooms in the station included the droid lab which was where the KLR droids were stored in their berthing stations, the fabrication lab which was where most of the equipment was created, the lab computer room which was where all research was carried out, and a warehouse which stored enough consumables to last six months as well as a supply of starship parts as well as the combat droids which were used to combat the KLR's during the testing stage.

Sometime during the Clone Wars, the base was attacked by Separatist forces who bombarded the base, destroying the garage almost completely before the Myrkos joined the battle. Though the Myrkos was destroyed, and plummeted into the planet, the Separatist forces were damaged badly enough that they could not continue their bombardment. It was thought that they had decided they had destroyed the base anyway, and simply left. Some time after this, the first prototype KLR droid, KLR-B1, went insane and murdered all members aboard the base. Though several other ships crashed on the planet, none got off the planet again as KLR-B1 murdered all crewmembers aboard each ship. Eventually, a group of Rebels crashed on the planet and, after finding Gillon in the med suite, managed to destroy B1 and repaired their ship, fleeing the planet.