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"I've heard of him... Enough to know he's a Rebel sympathizer."
Greedo to Nima Maas[src]

Temo Dionisio was a Human male politician who sympathized with the Rebel Alliance.


Dionisio was living on Tatooine some time before the Battle of Yavin. By that time a young girl named Nima Maas, who was actually an Imperial agent, worked for him.

He was wanted dead by the Galactic Empire and Nima was in charge of the mission. However, he was also wanted by Nok Derrick who kidnapped Temo to gain information about the Rebel Alliance, planning to sell it to the Empire. Nok was torturing him to extract the information when the bounty hunter Greedo burst into Derrick's laboratory, killing his Gamorrean guard. He then threw a thermal detonator and freed Temo, blowing up the laboratory and Nok Derrick.

Nima then appeared and threatened Temo. Greedo attempted to escape, but when Nima threatened him, the Rodian killed her, saving Temo's life once again.



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