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For other uses, see Tempest.

The Tempest was Mika the Hutt's customized battlecruiser and served as the base for his attempts to process the spice of the same name. Mika embezzled funds from various Anjiliac clan holdings to finance the ship's construction in secret. Its hull and keel were constructed years previously to house the processing machinery, but Mika was unable to complete the ship until the trade in Tempest expanded, shortly before the death of Mika's sire, Popara the Hutt.

Tempest was considered to be weak compared to the ships of a true navy, but tough enough to threaten any smuggler, pirate, or patrol ship she encountered. In time, Mika planned to use it as the flagship for his criminal empire.

The custom-built battle cruiser was 900 meters long. It was valued at 40,000,000 credits. It required a crew of 800 and could carry 1,600 passengers, 8,100 metric tons of cargo, and four years' worth of consumables. It had a class 2 hyperdrive and a class 15 backup hyperdrive. The ship was equipped with shields, 16 turbolasers, 20 point-defense laser cannons, 8 heavy ion cannons, and 12 tractor beam projectors.


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