The Tempestro were a Force-sensitive sentient species indigenous to Koda's World.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Tempestro were large reptilian sentients, growing to between 1.9 and 2.5 meters tall. They possessed elongated heads with small eyes and tipped with a beak. Each hand and foot had four digits, and these were tipped with sharp claws used for climbing and bringing down prey. They also possessed long, thin tails.

Their most prominent feature were the two wings underneath each arm. Despite their bulk, Tempestro could swiftly glide on their wings, soaring through the canopies of their homeworld.

Society and cultureEdit

Tempestro society reached its apex thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin. While they never created advanced mechanical technologies, they did master the Force. Their society became a spiritual one, and they had near-complete control over the ephemeral world. They were a proud and gentle species.

After their world was struck with disaster, shattering their spiritual and advanced society, the Tempestro reverted to a primitive culture. They built communities in the treetops and became warlike. They forgot their history and their knowledge, simply content on waiting for things to change.



The Tempestro interact with members of the New Republic Scout Service

The Tempestro evolved from reptilian stock on a planet in the Unknown Regions. They built an advanced society, creating a spiritual culture based around an inward-seeking view of the Force. Though they were a proud society, they were gentle and peaceful as well. Tragedy struck when a meteor collided with their world. The Tempestro had turned so far inside their own minds that they lacked the skill and preparedness to stop the cataclysm. Most of their species died in the disaster, with a dust cloud spreading across their upper atmosphere doing the most damage.

Those who survived built an enormous stone edifice, seeking to safeguard their accumulated history and knowledge. Unfortunately, the descendents of these survivors degenerated into primitive and warlike communities. Even though the largest of the communities on their world was built around the stone edifice, the Tempestro had forgotten both its origins and purpose, seeking only to protect it.

In 1 ABY, a scout from the Galactic Empire named Krin Koda came upon the Tempestro's world and came into contact with the natives. Discovering that they were suffering greatly from widespread disease, Koda used his more advanced technology to save them, for which they were eternally grateful. After this, the Tempestro's home planet became known as Koda's World.

At some point during the reign of the New Republic, more scouts came to Koda's World. Again, the Tempestro came into contact with the offworlders. Though both sides presented their weapons, with the scouts drawing their blasters, representatives from both sides did manage to speak to one another.