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The Tempestro temple was part of an ancient temple complex on Koda's World. It was located around 20 kilometers inside the forest on the outskirts of which Dhar Bullwin and New Republic scouts had landed around 7 ABY. The old path to the temple was through thick underbrush and trees rising up thousands of meters. The temple was built by the Tempestro survivors of the meteor collision before ~2,000,000 BBY to preserve their knowledge.


The square structure was of stone spanned 10 square kilometers while rising hundreds of meters. The monolith was made from giants blocks of pale grey stone cut from far-away mountains. The blocks had been carved into intricate motives. The temple resembled a fortress: there was no apparent entrance, towering grey walls stood squarely and a central twisting tower reaching hundreds of meters to the sky and past the trees, while others reproduced this on a smaller scale. Past the top of the towers, the temple walls had been eroded almost smooth by time because they had no protection from the trees.

At the base of the structure, a 30-meter section of a wall showed a representation of the Tarin system. The intended way of penetrating the temple was to place the Eye of Koda where Koda's World belonged on the representation. Then a section of the wall will pivot and open silently.


"The power devoured him because he was not worthy to receive it. Will you attempt to gain the power for yourselves?"
―The last of the Tempestro of old, appearing as a guardian spirit[src]

Dhar Bullwin atop the pedestal inside the temple.

The inside was solely one large room, dimly lit by phosphorescent fungus that grew on the walls. The interior also housed a pedestal which, as the legend went, gave all the power and knowledge of the Tempestro to one that might have stood in it in addition to making him invisible. One would be completely enveloped in a swirling nimbus of light and energy as he stepped onto the pedestal. The energy was that of spirits of the Tempestro of old, ancient guardians of the temple and of its hidden power.


In the early years of the New Republic, Dhar Bullwin tried to gain the power of the temple, but was deemed unworthy by its guardian. The guardian then decided to destroy the temple, seeing the mistake of his kindred in desiring to stay "alive" and keep their power.