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3D-4X Administrative Droid

The 3D-4X administrative droid was created by Genetech Corporation in an effort to compete with their rival Cybot Galactica's hold on the galactic protocol droid market. Realizing that they could not compete one-on-one with the 3PO-series protocol droid and its AA-1 VerboBrain, Genetech opted to fashion a droid more suited to systems administration rather than diplomacy. The result was the 3D-4X series, which was a highly intelligent droid capable of taking initiative in completing tasks and possessed of a large information database concerning business, administrative, and financial procedures. Fluent in over two and half million forms of communication and able to act as a negotiator in preliminary business meetings, the 3D-4X was favored by senior executives and traveling businessbeings throughout the galaxy.

Constructed on the factory world of Mechis III, 3D-4X droids were common sights in the galaxy, ranging from the Jedi Temple droid pool on the galactic capital Coruscant during the waning years of the Galactic Republic, to docking bays in Mos Espa on Tatooine; they were even found in the employ of crime lords. Although successful, the reputation of the 3D-4X series was damaged when it emerged that one of their number, 3D-4X, had killed his master, Administrator Hekis Durumm Perdo Kolokk Baldikarr Thun, during the takeover of Mechis III by a quartet of IG-88 assassin droids. Despite 3D-4X's reprogramming by IG-88A to commit that act, sales of the 3D-4X declined as confidence in the line wavered. (Read more…)
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