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Dron was a Human male admiral in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars. In the early stages of the conflict, he served with Jedi Generals Keelyvine Reus and Kit Fisto during an expedition to the vital agriworld of Ukio. The world was of major importance to the Galactic Republic, as it supplied food to the Grand Army of the Republic as well as to the entire Abrion sector, and the expedition was tasked with securing the planet's allegiance in order to aid the war effort. Dron and his fleet held station over Ukio at General Reus's behest, and watched for any suspected Confederate activity. Soon, Dron's men detected a lone enemy battleship approaching the planet.

The Jedi investigated and discovered that the enemy was deploying a dark, cloudy substance that adhered to Ukio's planetary shield. Fisto was able to collect data which he transmitted to Dron; the Admiral subsequently had his men analyze the material. Captain Pharl McQuarrie determined that it was Moorjan soil, which was electromagnetic and photo-sensitive. Essentially, the cloud would leave Ukio's crops in perpetual night. The Admiral then worked with General Reus to avert the disaster, and although Ukio was successfully defended by the Republic, it was later purchased by Magistrate Passel Argente of the Confederacy. (Read more…)

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