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General information
Historical information
Other information

Data fields

  • name
  • image
  • founder
  • leader
  • members
  • headquarters
  • locations
  • formed
  • founded
  • fragmented
  • reorganized
  • dissolved
  • restored
  • affiliation
  • era
  • BG1 (optional color modifier)
  • BG2 (optional color modifier)

Display parameters

  • hidei (General information)
  • hideh (Historical information)
  • hideo (Other information)

Usage instructions

Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields. Omitted or blank fields will not be shown on the article page.

Note: This template has customizable colors for both primary and secondary headings. However, the heading colors will default to shades of gray; choose your colors appropriately.



{{Subst:Slh|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|999999}}}} {{Subst:Sli|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|999999}}}} {{Subst:Slc|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|999999}}}} {{Subst:Sls|General information|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|CCCCCC}}|hidei}} {{Subst:Sld|Founder(s)|founder}} {{Subst:Sld|Leader(s)|leader}} {{Subst:Sld|Notable members|members}} {{Subst:Sld|Headquarters|headquarters}} {{Subst:Sld|Locations|locations}} {{Subst:Sls|Historical information|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|CCCCCC}}|hideh}} {{Subst:Sld|Formed from|formed}} {{Subst:Sld|Founding|founded}} {{Subst:Sld|Fragmentation|fragmented}} {{Subst:Sld|Reorganization|reorganized}} {{Subst:Sld|Dissolution|dissolved}} {{Subst:Sld|Restoration|restored}} {{Subst:Sls|Other information|{{#if:{{{BG2|}}}|{{{BG2}}}|CCCCCC}}|hideot}} {{Subst:Sld|Era(s)|era}} {{Subst:Sld|Affiliation|affiliation}} {{Subst:Slf|{{#if:{{{BG1|}}}|{{{BG1}}}|999999}}}}

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