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Usage Instructions:

This template should be used for both sentient and other species, the old {{Sentient}} is not available anymore.

Use this template by pasting the following code into the top of the article, filling all relevant fields:


Field list

For unknown or non-pertinent values, leave the field blank.


|imageBG= Background color for the infobox image (generally this field should be left blank)

|image= Image in [[File:IMAGENAME.JPG|250px]] format

|name= Name of the species (singular)

|designation= Sentient, Semi-sentient, or Non-sentient (This should be pipelinked to [[Sentience]])

|class= The biological group to which the species belongs (Mollusk, Reptomammal, Canine, Feline, etc.)

|planet= The planet of origin for the species

|habitat= The general environment in which the species lives. For sentient species who live in settlements, this field is non-pertinent.

|diet= The type of food the species eats. If specifics are unknown, values such as Carnivorous, Herbivorous, Omnivorous, etc. may be used.

|language=  The native language of most members of the species. For non-sentient species and some semi-sentient species this is non-pertinent.

|height= The average height of an adult member of the species.

|length= The average length of an adult member of the species. This is generally only pertinent to species with horizontal orientations.

|wingspan= The average wingspan of an adult member of the species.

|mass= The average mass of an adult member of the species.

|skincolor= All known skin pigmentations exhibited by the species. This includes scales, hides, membranes, etc.

|haircolor= All known hair or fur colors exhibited by the species.

|feathers= All known feather colors exhibited by the species.

|eyecolor= All known eye colors exhibited by the species.

|distinctions= Any features that set the species apart. 

|lifespan= The average lifespan of a healthy member of the species.

|races= Names or descriptions of subspecies and races of the species.

|members= Notable members of the species. If several are known, separate them with an * like this:

*Member 1
*Member 2
*Member 3}}


Attention! This template cannot be regenerated simply by applying the code below!
{{Subst:Slh|808080}} {{Subst:Sli|808080}} {{Subst:Slc|808080}} {{Subst:Sld|Designation|designation}} {{Subst:Sld|Planet of origin|planet}} {{Subst:Sld|Height of average adult|height}} {{Subst:Sld|Average length|length}} {{Subst:Sld|Average wingspan|wingspan}} {{Subst:Sld|Average mass|mass}} {{Subst:Sld|Skin color|skincolor}} {{Subst:Sld|Hair color|haircolor}} {{Subst:Sld|Feather color|feathers}} {{Subst:Sld|Eye color|eyecolor}} {{Subst:Sld|Distinctions|distinctions}} {{Subst:Slf|808080}}

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