A layout of the temple.

The temple on the planet Binaros was built by a small cult that settled a colony on the planet roughly three hundred years before the Battle of Kal'Shebbol.


The entrance to the temple was an archway, supported by two thick square pillars. The chamber beyond the entrance measured twenty-five by forty meters, and the walls were covered with mosaics and pictographs of an alien design. An ornate cathedral ceiling covered the chamber. On the ground, two rows of stone pews flanked a knee-high flat altar. A single door in the back of the chamber led to the burial crypt, which had five hexagonal-shaped sarcophagi inset into the floor. The walls of the crypt were covered in murals of ape-like creatures engaged in primitive activities.

Following the establishment of the Imperial Research Station behind the temple, a door to the facility was hidden in the crypt chamber. The door led to a turbolift that could be used to gain entry to the facility.


Around three hundred years before the Battle of Kal’Shebbol, a small cult colonized Binaros. They built a small, self-sustaining colony, and the temple was built as a place of worship where the cult could venerate their hermetic deity.

Roughly twenty years after the colony was founded, a deadly disease wiped out the colonists. In time, the jungle reclaimed all trace of the colony, except for the temple. However, plant life covered most of the exterior of the temple, making it hard to find.

During the Galactic Civil War, Moff Kentor Sarne's forces discovered the temple, and a hidden research facility was built into the hill behind the ruins. A secret entrance to the facility was established in the crypts.