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The Temple Spire, also known as the Tranquility Spire, was the highest spire built atop of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. It was surrounded by four smaller spires collectively referred to as the Council Towers.[2]


A towering spire with three decorative fins at its summit, Tranquility Spire protruded from the heart of the Jedi Temple for a millennium. One of the Order's holiest sites, it's interior was lined with galleries depicting the Order's history. Mosaics, tapestries, and sculptures were suspended in the center of the tower, suspended on repulsors and were viewed through transparisteel turbolifts that that lined the outer walls of the spire. The Spire's apex contained halls and chamber important to the Order, including private mediation and contemplation rooms, lecture halls, and a galaxy holomap room. The military command center of the Jedi was located in this section of the Temple.[3]

Within the finned portion of the Spire was the Temple Veranda, which housed the Hall of Knighthood and a private hangar for dignitaries and High Council members. The pinnacle chamber of the Spire housed the most important documents and artifacts of the Order and once served as a meeting place of the Jedi High Council.[3]

When the Galactic Empire came to power and the Jedi Order was exterminate, Darth Sidious took up residence in the Jedi Temple, transforming the Temple Spire into the seat of government for the Empire. Converting the pinnacle chamber to his throne room, the rest of the Spire was stripped of all references to the once proud Jedi and in its place was installed statues and art dedicated to the glory of the Empire.[3]

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