The Temple of Imperfect Repose of Vaklin was a small structure constructed by the local people as a place to pay respect and leave offerings to members of the Jedi Order.


Constructed near the Howling Ruins at the base of steep cliffs, the Jedi temple was built sometime before 319 BBY and came to house two tuk'ata Nobilis which served as guardians of the facility. Residents of Vaklin would enter the temple and bring gifts and offerings and place them at the feet of statues or memorials to honor the Jedi who protected the galaxy from evil.[1]

In 19 BBY, the Jedi Order was decimated by the Galactic Empire and the Jedi hunted to extinction. With support of the Jedi illegal, the Empire sent Darth Vader to quell the local insurrection there led by Jedi Cho'na Bene. Bene used the Temple as a hideout as the Empire wiped out prominent Jedi monuments across the world. Upon discovering the temple, Vader ordered an orbital bombardment and leveled the building, killing the Nobilis creatures living inside and the Temple's steward. Bene would duel briefly with Vader before becoming ill from a lethal dosage of azetal gas; Vader allowed the Jedi to escape the temple ruins only to be shot and killed in the city square after the once loving citizens turned their back on aiding him.[1]


A squat, grey and red building, the Jedi temple was situated at the back end of a closed valley covering the entrance to a a series of caves and tunnels. Access to the building was gained through a main portal at the end of a promenade doted by stone statues honoring Jedi heroes. Inside the temple was dark and the stonework dark with shades of green reflecting the dim lighting. Tables and alters were arranged around the hallways for citizens offering gifts to leave their offerings to their Jedi guardians. Two tuk'ata Nobilis roamed the halls warding of intruders. The Temple's steward resided within the building, teaching about the Jedi and welcoming citizens to leave their offerings at the feet of statues and memorials.[1]


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