The Temple of Pain was a Sith Temple built on an asteroid in the Tascollan Nebula by the Sith Valik Kodank.


Kodank secretly diverted resources from the Sith Empire to construct the temple. Near to the end of the Great Hyperspace War, she traveled there in a stolen Sith starship, with some of her followers. By using the power of some Sith artifacts, she hoped to move the temple into the heart of the Nebula's only sun. She and her followers placed the artifacts in the temple's central chamber and activated them. However, they had misjudged the effect the artifacts would have. The temple was instead placed inside an asteroid orbiting the sun, Kodank's followers were killed and she was transformed into a Force ghost that could only float around the temple.

She waited in the temple until it was eventually visited by a Force-sensitive human called Thaum Rystra during the Galactic Civil War. Kodank persuaded him to become her apprentice and under instructions, he tried to obtain for her the child Caeleb, who she planned to transfer her spirit into, and an artifact called the Soulsaber. Rystra was unsuccessful in bringing her Caeleb, but did bring back the Soulsaber. Kodank later lured a group of New Republic agents to the temple, as she planned to transfer her spirit into one of them. However, they fought back and she and Rystra were defeated by them.