Dr. Tennet Sionaro was a Corellian archaeologist of unknown gender and species with the Archaeology Department of Coronet University.

In 1 ABY Dr. Sionaro and a field team were busy excavating in a remote area of Corellia. They were searching for a supposed network of Selonian tunnels that apparently predated the Old Republic. Although Sionaro's colleagues were skeptical, their research seemed to show promise. But then a herd of local animals started to endanger the team's encampment, which upset the students and threatened to drastically set back the doctor's schedule. After an appeal to the Empire for help was declined, Coronet University granted additional stipend to pay a well-armed individual for eliminating the creatures. Sionaro used the money to hire a spacer who hunted and killed the creatures and so permitted the scientist to continue his or her research.

Behind the scenesEdit

Dr. Sionaro is the creator of a mission in Star Wars Galaxies called "Coronet Archaeology Site Menaced" that was available on Mission Terminals on Corellia.