"At least they left some trees standing. I don't understand how two forces can destroy everything beautiful on their home planet and just keep on fighting. What is left to fight for?"
―Jedi Padawan Darra Thel-Tanis, as she approaches Tenuuri.[src]

Tenuuri was a small countryside village located on the planet Haariden.

During the time of the Separatist Crisis, the settlement was comprised of small clustered buildings built close to the ground. Fields surrounded the village, and beyond, trees stretched to the hills.

In 26 BBY, a group of Galactic Senate-sponsored scientists happened upon Tenuuri in their flight from militant tribal factions engaged in the planet's prolonged civil war over mineral rights, specifically the lucrative though difficult-to-mine titanite. The scientists, in fact, had made their expedition to Haariden, ironically, to globally map the very mineral that was in dispute. Their mission was part of the Senate's efforts to equitably divide the planet's mineral wealth among its warring tribes, in order to secure a lasting peace.

The five expedition scientists—including Fort Turan (mission leader), Tic Verdun (scout), Joveh D'a Alin, Talie Heathe, and Reug Yucon—found Tenuuri deserted, all of its homes and businesses evacuated, as the town had suffered both siege and battle. But it suited their purposes, for they had been caught in a war that was not their own. They therefore hunkered down in a battle-scarred but adequately sheltered café, to await a Coruscant rescue team that was being sent by the Jedi High Council, at the Senate's request and in response to the scientists' urgent distress call.

The Tenurri holdout was soon discovered by a four-member Jedi team consisting of Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Soara Antana with their Padawans Anakin Skywalker and Darra Thel-Tanis. Having been through other settlements in their search for the expedition group, they weren't sure the scientists would be there, but in accessing datapad information on the village, it appeared to be a good candidate. But as the Jedi approached the village, its surrounding trees appeared strange to them. They suddenly realized why: the Tenuuri trees still had leaves on them—for since they'd landed on Haariden, all of the trees they'd seen had been bare, their branches blasted away by battles. What they had come to expect since embarking from their transport, however, was seen here as well: the once-beautiful fields were now burned.

Entering the empty village proper, the Jedi observed that none of Tenuuri's houses or businesses were intact. The wood had burned and the rocks lay in piles, some as tall as themselves. Direct blaster- and missile-fire hits had reduced the buildings to rubble. The Jedi searched through the half-destroyed structures, "kicking through the debris of ordinary lives,"[1] until they came upon a café in which they at last sensed the Living Force. They found that the scientists had sequestered themselves in a very large oven that sat in the middle of the room, the size of a small landspeeder.

After grateful introductions, the scientists permitted the Jedi to lead them forth from Tenuuri through the planet's perilous terrain—through which they endured violent attack from war-mongering troops—until they finally reached the safety of their transport (roughly eight kilometers from the village). Having provided matchless protection for the scientists, saving their lives both from relentless militants in close-quarters combat and from sure starvation, the Jedi spirited away the beleaguered expedition team back to Coruscant.


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