Tereb Ab'Lon was a male Bothan politician who later joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War.



Tereb Ab'Lon falling to his death.

Ab'Lon's dream was to obtain a seat in the Imperial Senate. That dream was shattered when Galactic Emperor|Emperor Palpatine dissolved the Senate in 0 BBY. Realizing there was no chance of ever obtaining a powerful position in the Galactic Empire, Ab'Lon joined the Rebel Alliance. Ab'Lon was an important asset to the Rebellion, as he could provide them access to large amounts of information from Imperial databanks and archives which the Rebels would otherwise not have access to.

After a run-in with Imperial TIE fighters en route to the Alliance in order to deliver important information which he had stored in his droid Fweep, Ab'Lon was forced to crash-land on Tatooine. Severely injured, he was rescued by local detective Nim Bola. Ab'Lon asked Bola to bring the droid to the Alliance. But Bola, who figured that the Empire might be willing to pay a substantial reward for the droid, decided to get rid of Ab'Lon by throwing him into the sarlacc and handing over the droid to the Empire.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ab'Lon was extremely cautious and was not known to take any unnecessary risks. He was extremely sly and cunning, and made several elaborate plans to promote his name, hoping to one day obtain a powerful position within the Rebellion.