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A Terenta, precursor of the Terentateks.

Terenta were bipedal animals that were created in the Tython system by the ancient Je'daii Order. Their creation dated to the time of the Despot War where the Je'daii crafted a creature to sense Shikaakwan explosives. Je'daii Master Quan-Jang was noted as being the one responsible for their creation. However, the Terenta eventually developed a taste for Force enriched meat and thus began targeting Force users. At some point, they were deposited on Tython's moon of Bogan where they prowled the surface.

Following the exile of Xesh, the fallen Je'daii Daegen Lok recruited the Force Hound in order to attain his Force vision. As a result, the pair escaped the moon and a sentinel droid investigating Xesh was terminated by a Terenta. Afterwards, the Je'daii dispatched several of their number to investigate and were ambushed by a several Terenta, though the latters were slain in the insuing fighting.


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