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"I was telling them the tale of when you faced the giant terentatek on Kashyyyk. What a terrible beast it was."
―An illusory Dooku, to Yoda[src]

Terentateks were giant, dreadful beasts that lived on the arboreal planet of Kashyyyk. On one occasion, Jedi Master Yoda and his padawan Dooku faced a terentatek. Years later, while Yoda was trying to pass through the Valley of Extinction without emotion and attachment, an illusory Dooku mentioned their encounter with the terentatek.[1] At the time of the Galactic Civil War, the former Imperial senator and big game hunter Johhar Kessen owned a terentatek's head mounted as a trophy.[2]

Biology and appearanceEdit

Cartoonish Terentatek

Cartoonish representation of a terentatek by Gammit Chond

Terentateks were bipedal creatures[3] of large proportions[1] that had spines on their heads, two dark eyes, and a pair of tusk-like projections attached to their wide mouths filled with sharp teeth. The color of their rough-looking mottled skin ranged from mottled-brown[2] to blue with yellow patches.[3]

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