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"It's my job to know everything, Phasma. But don't fret, my dear Captain. It's also my job to keep secrets."

Terex was a human male who served as a stormtrooper designated TK-603 in the Galactic Empire, and as an agent in the First Order Security Bureau approximately thirty years after the Battle of Endor. He fought against the Resistance during the First Order–Resistance conflict.


Early lifeEdit

"Have I ever mentioned, trooper, that I used to be one of you?"
"Yes, sir. Many times."
"It was a long time ago, but things haven't changed that much. I still remember what it's like inside that helmet. Ambition is forbidden. Conformity is everything. That's the job."
―Agent Terex and a First Order stormtrooper[src]

During the Galactic Civil War, Terex, designated TK-603,[2] was a stormtrooper of the Galactic Empire. He learned that ambition was forbidden, and that conformity was everything.[1] TK-603 fought in the Battle of Jakku.[2]

Terex escaped Jakku with his former squadmate, Corlac. The two later travelled to Kaddak and formed a partnership with two space pirates named Wenda and Bett. The four hatched a plan to commandeer an Imperial defense base at Rothana by using Terex's knowledge of the base to bypass its security. They would then use the base's resources to build a new Imperial fleet. 

However, Corlac, Wenda, and Bett had no intention of reviving the old Empire. Their true plan was to use the fleet to start a criminal empire and kill Terex should he refuse to join them. Terex learned of this betrayal and assassinated his associates. At that moment, Terex accepted that the Empire was gone forever and took control of Wenda and Bett's forces. Realizing that the Empire being gone, and thus the apparent end to law and order, meant he now can do anything he ever wanted, he then embraced a life as a crime lord. Now calling himself "Lord Terex", Terex built a successful criminal empire, with Kaddak as his main base of operations. During this time, he had amicable dealings with Grakkus the Hutt.

After years of controlling his empire, Terex received a set of armor that resembled imperial stormtrooper armor, but was modern in design. The pirates who gave Terex the armor informed him that it was stolen from a cargo shipment addressed to the First Order. Terex took an interest in the organization.

At some point, Terex found and joined the First Order, eventually being granted the rank of agent. Terex passed control of his empire to his right hand man, Wisper. 

First Order-Resistance conflictEdit

Battle of the CrècheEdit

"Obstacles are for little people."

Terex was sent by Captain Phasma to capture Poe Dameron[1] on Ovanis.[5] Following the tracker[1] planted on Dameron's starfighter,[6] Terex entered the planet's underground tunnels on a speeder bike, flanked by a squad of stormtroopers. Encountering a pair of large, sealed doors, Terex had his squad destroy the barricade, voicing the belief that obstacles were for little people, and he entered the central Cave of the Crèche. He discovered the egg protected by the local Crèche people, finding it fascinating, and began searching for Dameron by threatening the egg they worshipped until Dameron gave himself up. When the Resistance pilot attempted to negotiate, with Black Squadron having defeated Terex's forces on the surface, the agent then preceded to have his stormtroopers burn the egg anyway,[1] demanding that Dameron turn over the data regarding Lor San Tekka's location. However, the egg then hatched, giving birth to an enormous creature which attacked all the other life forms present. Poe seized the opportunity to attack Terex, stealing his blaster and threatening him with it unless he called of his fighters. When a second titanic creature appeared and began to do battle with the first, Terex attacked Poe, but was subdued by BB-8's electro-prod. His troops defeated, Terex found himself at the mercy of Black Squadron, who, not wanting to trigger a war between the First Order and the New Republic, decided to release Terex and his men once they had already left the planet.[4]

Megalox BetaEdit

Terex traveled ahead of Poe to Megalox Beta, where he made a deal with the imprisoned Grakkus the Hutt for information regarding Lor San Tekka's location, which Grakkus appeared to possess. However, when Poe Dameron arrived, Grakkus changed the terms of the deal, declaring that he would only give the information to one of them—whichever successfully managed to break him out of prison.[7]

Personality and traitsEdit

Terex no helm

Terex as a First Order officer.

"My, my, look at all these guns. Glad I brought some, too."

Like many Imperial and First Order officers, Terex was extremely arrogant, maintaining a twisted sense of decorum at all times. He was often sarcastic and humorous, outwardly appearing genial and reasonable, but failing to mask the callous ruthlessness that let him brutalize the Crèche people with ease. He also showed very little respect for the lives of others, maintaining a group of slaves on the Carrion Spike and failing to understand Dameron caring about the Crèche. An avid believer in Palpatine's Empire, Terex hoped the First Order could grow to become as the Empire was at the height of its power. He spoke of his time in the Stormtrooper Corps many times to his troopers, and as an older man he rejected ideas of conformity and curbing ambition, seeing the individuals behind the armor as people whom he hoped to teach. Terex enjoyed to hunt.[1]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

As a First Order agent, Terex was a skilled tactician and a master of intelligence regarding various top secret matters in the galaxy, including the details of Starkiller Base, something Phasma suggested he should not have known about.[1] He was also acutely aware of Poe Dameron and his history. Physically, he was a competent yet dirty fighter, holding his own against Poe on more than one occasion.



Notes and referencesEdit

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